Production Stills

Stills from The Catastrophe

Dominicus (Peyton Myrick) and Yellowbeard (Ed Schultz)

Carlie (Marla Seidell)

Dominicus Pike (Peyton Myrick)

Forough (Mouzam Makkar)

Yellowbeard (Ed Schultz)

Peter (George Christopher Tronsrue) and Carlie (Marla Seidell)

Mrs. Kimbalton (Mia Park)

Dominicus (Peyton Myrick) regales Mrs. Kimbalton (Mia Park), Pat (Duane Sharp) and Mike (Marshall Bean)

Mohammad (D.J. Collins)

Pat (Duane Sharp)

Mike (Marshall Bean)

Mohammad (D.J. Collins), Dominicus (Peyton Myrick) and Forough (Mouzam Makkar)

Sugar (Suzy Brack)

Dominicus (Peyton Myrick) waking up in a cold sweat

Dream sequence noose