Behind the Scenes Photos & Video

Photos and video from behind the scenes of The Catastrophe:


Writer/Director Michael Glover Smith

Producer Clayton Monical

Cinematographer Justin Cameron, 1st AC Shaun Fleeger and Director Michael Smith

Lead actor Peyton Myrick

Lead actress Marla Seidell and Stylist Tonia Carrier

Actress Mouzam Makkar as Forough

Casting Director Jill McKeown and Actress Mia Park

Cinematographer Justin Cameron, Gaffer Mitch Nasser and Sound Recordist Matt Oliva

Actor D.J. Collins in “dream sequence” make-up

Director Michael Smith, Stylist Tonia Carrier, Actors Hector Reyes and Peyton Myrick

Director Michael Smith and Production Assistant Zach Devroy

Casting Director Jill McKeown and Extra Michael Mogavero

Actor Ed Schultz having his “epic” fake beard applied

Stunt Coordinator Greg Poljacik and Actor D.J. Collins

Director Michael Smith with Production Assistants Emanuel “TeenWolf” Cajigas and Zach Cajigas

Executive Producer Drew Smith – Look at him executive producing!

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